Bees 29/05/2017

They're here.

Snark attack 18/04/2017

So I'm just running around, doing excel spreadsheeits and stuff and then all of a sudden a snark just jumps out of a tree. At first I thought that it might just be cat falling off of a tree, but there are no cats around here, because the snark ate all of them. Just horrible.

Third post 15/02/2017

Updated splash page with fire .gifs and, hopefully working, background music.

Second post 06/02/2017

Added 2 other pages, the site is starting to look like an actual site. Read a bit about ray tracing today, now I just need to practice java a bit (since I've forgot everything about it) and I'll finally be able to make that wolfenstein 3d clone I've always wanted to make.

First post 05/02/2017

After 30 minutes of writing basic html and css I finally got this working :-).

Now I just need to finish up the splash page, upload some images and I can start funposting. Also comfy stuff. Lots of it.

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