About me

I'm usually really bad at describing myself, but I'll try it anyway.


BirthEnd of last millennium, Northeastern Europe
Biological sexUnknown
AliasShitposter General
Current LocationLatvania
Current ObjectiveThe liberation of Anchorage, Alaska
The destruction of any and all communists


I frequently enjoy funposting on internet forums. I also write nonsensical funposting-ish websites unlike this one, which I'm trying to make more serious than my other ones. I've been writing websites for nearly a decade now and I can proudly say that I've improved only a little bit. Other than that I also play computer games that my computer is capable of running. I suppose that my biggest hobby is sleeping, since I spend most of my time doing it (I sometimes sleep up to 16 hours a day).

Things I like

Doggos, catters, comfy stuff.

Things I dislike

Communists, marxists (altough a little socialism doesn't hurt), totalatarian regimes (except Democratic People's Republic of Korea), beavers, mean people, myself.

about me


I'm very serious about this. I'm very serious about this.